How to Play Music Through Skype

Filthy Grin and my collaborator Holy Zoo (househole names), have collaborated over many years using Skype. I wouldn’t call our relationship with Skype a love affair, but a peaceful arrangement with occasional hiccups. Since our collaborations are somewhat loose, the latency for collaborating online isn’t a huge focus. Nonetheless, we can get a decent feel for any delay.

Music we’ve recorded with Skype

Our approaches have both touched on wacky wiring, and audio interfaces with dynamic routing. Far be it from us, to live in the same town.

Approach #1
Live Music Broadcasted through Skype and Mixer

Approach #2
Play Music through an Audio Interface, Skype, and Soundflower

In our research, we found that there aren’t enough software options online. The ones that are available, tend to be proprietary, cost for little benefit, or out of development. We dream of a fluid mediator program that will accept varying methods of creating audio and transmit it to your cohort. Midi pretty please.

Here are our messily formed opinions of software used to jam online.

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